Spotlight Food: Mushrooms

Mushrooms: Fun with Fungi!

Mushrooms are mighty magnificent in terms of the multitude of health benefits they have! The most common type of mushroom is the white mushroom, which can range in size from “button-sized” to jumbo. White mushrooms are low in calories, and have a delicious meaty texture! White mushrooms are also great source of copper and phosphorus. They also are fueled with lots of Vitamin B-2, and Vitamin B-5, and many antioxidants in them, which are important to have. The benefits of those vitamins and nutrients include helping your skeletal health, liver functions and overall energy levels.

Lisa Sullivannutritionist at High Quality Home Therapy LLC, who provides services throughout Fairfield County, says her favorite way to eat mushrooms is simply to “sauté them with olive oil, onions, and salt and pepper.” She encourages you to “add some fresh thyme or other herbs if you have them!” You could also add them to your omlettes, or in your pasta dishes! The options are endless, and with all of the health benefits that white mushrooms offer, they are sure to satisfy. What you eat directly affects your overall health- so focus on bettering yourself through nutrition, and add white mushrooms to your meals today! From all of us at High Quality Home Therapy, we hope you have a great rest of your week!


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