Welcome to the High Quality Home Therapy Blog.

This blog will be active in promoting wellness in all forms. Health is a value we here at HQHT hold dearly. But more importantly, we want to guide you to your own path of healthy living.

Join us in this journey of wellness. Check us out weekly.

Some things to look forward to:

  • Monthly Spotlight Food. Our nutritionists have many food tips, and recipes to share with you. Each month there will be a specific focus food and recipes offered on it. Stay tune!
  • Mind and Body. Treating patients and promoting wellness is not simply a physical activity. The mind component is a vital role in decreasing pain and stress, while increasing happiness. We will offer ways to connect you with your mind.
  • More Service. Here at HQHT, we have a variety of excellent services to offer. From occupational therapy, to personal training, or social work to vestibular rehabilitation, we have it all and more. This site will be a way to access news that we know help you, and can even connect you with our skilled team.

We are so excited to be launching this blog. Thank you for deciding to check us out!

Have a great day.


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